Dearest Prayer Warriors,

After dropping off the persecuted church banners for use at New Wineskins (global mission conference) in Ridgecrest, NC, we arrived safely at our worksite in Jackson, Kentucky about 3:00 pm. The drive through the mountains has been beautiful – what a creation!

A few hours before getting here, we began hearing on the radio about where ” survivors” could get assistance from the flooding.

Upon getting here, we were introduced to the situation. We are staying in a church that was flooded and reconstruction is underway.  Every wall has new sheetrock 48″ up with one coat of joint compound.  So, there is sheetrock dust everywhere.  On the lot next to the church are campers and tents where folks live.

The flood waters were 60 feet high starting at 8 pm on August 28.  In the middle of the night, people began fleeing from their homes. One man said that after he got his family up the hill to dryer ground, he went back to help his neighbors only to find them screaming as they were taken by the flood waters.  He is haunted by this.

The hospital here called on equestrian teams to go into the hills to check on folks and take them supplies. They are still handing out air mattresses to folks without beds and many areas still have no running water.
There are 100 workers here sleeping at 3 sites.  I cannot imagine coordinating and feeding this many people plus the staff. It is a sad and tough situation here.  I am so blessed to be able to come here, hear the survivor stories, and contribute a very small part to recovery.  It is also a blessing to be among so many who love God and love others.

We are thankful for your cover of prayer.  We ask for physical strength and for the strength it takes to listen to survivors without breaking down ourselves.  You see, these folks are thankful for every little bit of help and assistance, which is overwhelming to us.

Dick and Ann
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